Ready-made house projects and their adaptation

There are more and more ready-made projects on the market, and in fact, there is a greater chance that we will find something that will suit our needs ­čÖé

A shortcut or an easy way to get a house?

However, the ready-made project itself is not a study that allows us to obtain permission to build a house. It would help if you also had an adaptation.

From this post, you will learn how to choose from ready-made designs, the one that is perfect for you, and who to contact to adapt the design, what you can do to speed up your investment process.


How to choose a ready-made house project?

It is worth using search engines of ready projects – don’t be afraid to narrow down the results, enter the parameters you are interested in – the area, the number of parking spaces in the garage, the roof pitch or the location of the entrance (e.g. entrance from the west).

However, do not be guided by the elevation’s colour, as this can be changed according to your preferences. Look at the layout of rooms, whether you have a pantry or master bedroom. Consider whether you like the style – closed/open kitchen, whether you are happy with glazing or whether it is on the right side of the world.

Changes in a ready-made project

Changes in a ready-made project are possible, but the project creator determined the scope of changes – e.g. “possibility of changing the roof angle up to 5┬░”, or “moving partition walls – no limitations”.

In case of necessity to introduce minor changes, the designer writes changes in the project with an indelible red pen. Changes requiring calculations must be checked and also marked in the project.

More extensive changes, in my opinion, are not profitable, and if we expect other solutions from the project, we should look for another project. Why? Because of making changes, we will have to pay extra for our designer. Maybe the cost of these changes and the price of a ready project will be higher than the price of an individual project.


Adaptation of the ready project to the plot conditions

As I mentioned at the beginning, the ready project itself is just a book. To obtain a building permit for the project, it is necessary (with the help of an architect and designer) to adapt it to the plot conditions. The designer will prepare a description of the adaptation, check the drawings and prepare a plot development plan.

 How to buy a ready-made project?

I am always happy to advise my investors. Together we look for a project, and I check BEFORE the purchase whether the project meets the requirements of the local zoning plan or the development conditions for the specific plot. Unfortunately, you can’t return the project after it has been unpacked, so it is better to think about it, check it four times and consult the designer instead of throwing money down the drain.

 Adaptation of a ready-made project instead of an individual one?

It is an exciting idea for building if we have a convenient land plot, corresponding to building conditions or provisions in the local development plan. It is an ideal way if we know what we want. In my opinion, it is worth choosing a ready-made project if we find one that suits us in the form in which it is sold. It is the cheapest, quickest and very convenient choice.

Ready-made projects are an excellent solution for determined clients. If you know what you want, easily find what you like, then with the selected project, before buying, go to the designer, agree on the choice and wait for adaptation.

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